Meditation Concert "Voice of Nature" at Emanuel Vigeland Museum (Mausoleum)

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After the sold out concerts in March, May and August, Meditation Concert "Voice of Nature" is coming back.

Bjørn Arne Løken (NO) on gongs and crystal singing bowls, Ben Gerstein (US) on trombone, and Seshen (JP/NO) on vocals and movement will bring the depth and the vastness of the voice of nature, in improvised music.

Dates and time: November 14, !9:00~
Place: Emanuel Vigeland Museum/ Mausoleum : Grimelundsveien 8C, 0775 Oslo

*Seats are limited to 30audience.

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<About the concert>
In ancient time, Music was considered as medicine.
The sound frequency has power to transform our body, mind, heart and soul into the state of peace and harmony.

This evening, three musician from different countries (Norway, Japan, USA), different msical background (classical, traditional, nature, jazz) are coming together, creating music together in this common intention and practice.

The concert will be co-creative. When audience enters the hall, they are invited to place their seat wherever they are inspired to. During the concert, musicians will walk around the space to bring different sound qualities and dynamics to the audience.

In collaborating with the space of this most fascinating venue in Oslo, this concert will be something very unique and transformative for audience as well as musicians.

<Musicians' profile>
Seshen - vocals, movement
 A vocalist and dancer from Japan, living in Oslo, Norway, performing and teaching internationally. Interpreting the voice of nature in her musical and physical expressions is her artistic goal. She continues her artistic research, how to integrate holistic perspectives of ancient art into the art of today, through practices in the nature, indigenous traditions, ancient cosmology and her Japanese ancestral roots into her art.

Ben Gerstein - trombone
 b. 1977 and raised in Santa Barbara, California, trombonist Ben Gerstein has lived in New York City since 1995. Over the years he has developed many collaborations and projects devoted to improvisation as means of total performance, meditation, composition, and integration with nature and the arts, as well as numerous multi-instrumental works, mixed-media practices, and recreations of pieces by classical and contemporary composers.

Bjørn Arne Løken - gongs and crystal singing bowls
 Jeg er utdannet klassisk slagverker fra Østlandets Musikkonservatorium og tok min eksamen i 1981. Jeg har jobbet som og jobber som freelance musiker i alle de store symfoniorkestrene i Norge siden 1980. Også spilt i diverse ensembler og slagverksensembler. Jeg begynte å undervise i klassisk slagverk på Østlandets Musikkonservatorium i 1984 og på Norges Musikkhøgskole fra 1995. Ble i tillegg fagrådsleder for slagverksavdelingen på Norges Musikkhøgskole fra 2009.
Er utdannet i Reiki Healing fra 2007 – 2009. Har Reiki 1, 2 og delvis Reiki 3.
 Har utdannelse i energimedisin ”sjaman utdannelse” fra ”The Light Body School” med The Four Winds Society 2009-2011. Er også kurset i Munay-Ki og Nustas. Flere kurs med Qero Sjamaner fra Peru i perioden 2011 - 2014
Utdannet Kundalini Yoga Lærer 2011 – 2013.
Holder kurs i Gong-terapi og gong –yoga, der jeg også bruker Krystall Klangskåler og Krystall Klang Pyramider.
 Holder kurser i Sjamansk lære ” Walking the Path of Gratitude” Sammen med Marie Yttermann og Maria Løken, der gonger og krystallinstrumenter har en svært sentral plass.
Holder kurs i Qi Gong med bruk av gong og krystallinstrumenter sammen med Maria Løken.



Seats are limited to 30audience.
No infant or little children.